Profile | Amean J.


Amean J. [b. Karachi 1974] first made a name for himself
in fashion and advertising circles. Heralded for his seamless blending of art and craft, he quickly became the photographer of choice for fashionistas, discerning corporate clients and independent multimedia projects. But it was the striking imagery of his personal work that made him popular with critics and art lovers. Exhibitions like Zoo Blue, Karachi Cityscapes, Moharram and Sand & Water showcased the ease with which he dissects life, defines clarity and finds beauty in the mundane.

Having studied under greats like Henry Horenstein [RISD],
Ken Light
and Michael Kolster [AAU] & assisted others like Dilip Mehta [CONTACT], he applied the techniques & work ethics he absorbed under them to establish a successful career way back in 1997,
graduating with a BFA in Photography from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Having earned his spurs as a commercial artist, and portraitist of choice, Amean moved on. Driven by his need to learn more and to keep experiencing, in 2004 he enrolled in an MA in Media, Culture & Technology at the University of Luton[UK].

It is this kind of passion that makes Amean J. unique. He constantly seeks to enrich himself through exposure and experience. His imagery is informed by his cosmopolitan worldview. A Canadian Pakistani currently based in Karachi, Amean J’s work and name have been featured in publications like The New Yorker, Colors, Herald, Newsline and books such as ‘1000 signs’ by Taschen.

Director, photographer, producer - Amean J. has been many things to many projects. His skill with images as opposed to pictures is evidenced by his projects as director. These include a music video for the song Khuahish [Desire] by Rushk. A fresh take on war, the video was pulled off air soon after some decoded its political inspirations. Amean seeks to change the way people look at the world by constantly pushing the envelope to help image making transcend photography. Not content with wishing things were different, he looks through the lens and records them differently.

2005 saw him back in Pakistan, and the resurgence of his studio
18% grey, where an aesthetic sense shaped by Helmut Newton, Garry Winogrand, Joel Sternfeld and David Lachapelle combines with technique, teamwork and professionalism to bring finesse and freshness to advertisements, graphics, annual reports, corporate profiles, and print & multimedia productions.

An auteur, Amean J. is a part time faculty member at the University of Karachi, where he lectures on film theory, and conducts filmmaking and photography workshops at the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture and Iqra University. Currently working on his first solo book project, 'Men of the Match' [Greats from the Pakistan Cricket Team], he is also working on several independent theatre, and video projects.

Uniquely placed to service the subcontinent and the Middle East, Amean J. and 18% grey have become the studio of choice for clients seeking international standards of competence, creativity and professionalism.

He continues to photograph people interested in portraits
where honesty is the only brief.

Shandana Minhas.